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Shower enclosures from SanSwiss

+Product category (Shower enclosures)
+Door type
  • Pivot door, outside and inside opening
  • Pivot door with inline panel (hinge on fixed side), outside and inside opening
  • Sliding door, two parts
+Glass finish
+Model range
CA13 G+D
Shower enclosures available in the SanSwiss offer differ among each other in many respects, so we can easily choose a model that fits the size of our bathroom and goes well with its arrangement. One of the product categories we should have a look at are square corner shower enclosures.

Who is a square shower enclosure for?

Since a shower enclosure takes up less space than a bathtub and it uses much less water, which translates into lower bills, it’s the choice of many people. Depending on the size of our bathroom, we should focus on enclosures with different parameters. A square shower cubicle is an excellent choice for those who have a small bathroom. It’s neat, compact and will work well even in small spaces. Our #blog#blog will tell you what shower cubicles will suit a small bathroom.

Models available in the SanSwiss offer have trendy design, thus a square corner shower enclosure can be a decoration and subtly emphasize your bathroom arrangement.

Square shower enclosures aren’t always the same - shower cubicle dimensions

Square shower enclosures are available in several standard sizes, but custom-made enclosures are also an option and their width will vary. Depending on the model we choose, the standard width of a square shower enclosure can be 700, 750, 800, 900, 1,000 or 1,200mm. The standard height is 2,000mm. Customized width can range from 400mm to 1,200mm and the enclosure can be up to 2,000mm high.

Each product differs not only in size, but also in the type of opening. The corner opening of square corner shower enclosures can be two-piece, one-piece or two-piece with a side panel. High-quality materials were used in the production of each model, and the glass is covered with Aquaperle coating, which prevents stains and makes cleaning easier.